Friday, March 22, 2013

Wonderful Weekend Book Review

So it is Friday night! Woo hoo! I had a long  week this week and I'm very excited to see the weekend!

So this week we are going to look at Code Orange by Caroline B. Cooney. I read this book this week because my colleague at work is going to have her 7th graders read it after our spring break. I read it so that I can help her with small grouping and I wrote a novel guide to use with the book.

Synopsis: Code Orange is a realistic(ish) fiction novel set in New York City in 2004. Mitty is a 16 year old high school student who is as carefree as they come- especially about his school work. However, in order to stay in Advanced Biology with his crush, he needs to turn SOMETHING in for his infectious diseases paper. During his "research" he finds some old medical books in his family's weekend house. Inside the books he finds a strange envelope with scabs inside. The scabs turn out to be smallpox scabs. During his research, Mitty begins to wonder if it is possible that could have contracted the disease from those scabs!

Review:  I think this book is supposed to be "realistic fiction" but is very implausible. Once you "buy in" to the implausible events, however, the novel is exciting. It keeps you guessing as to whether or not smallpox is about to break out all over New York City. It is a very fast read because it is interesting. I think middle school students would enjoy this novel- and it goes well with infectious diseases which are studied in science.

If you are interested in this kind of thriller, suspense, scientific book it will be a good read.

Find the Novel Guide HERE.

Let's Get Acquainted:

The lie for my 2 truths and a lie was that I am a vegan. I used to be- for a few years. I love the idea of it but the actual no animal products on a daily basis is exhausting. So I do eat LOTS of vegan meals- just not religiously. 

I thought it was funny most people didn't think I was older than my husband. I am a cougar :)

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  1. I found you on TPT. Thank you for your book reviews. I was looking for something for grades 7-9 for next year (resource English but I will read it aloud) and you gave me some good ideas. Thanks for sharing with your newest follower, Heather
    P.S. I still need to decide so I put a couple of your novel studies on my wish list.