Monday, April 15, 2013

Manic Monday at Classroom Freebies

I am going to attempt to link up with Classroom Freebie's Manic Monday Linky this week and share my new freebie! This one is for the K-2 peeps.

My newest freebie can be found on TPT here: Spring Fling Freebie

It features a Making words activity where the secret word is "gardening", and a color by sight word coloring sheet! I hope you enjoy!


Enjoy! :)
If you find this freebie useful please leave a comment below! Thanks so much!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Wonderful Weekend Book Review

It is time for the Wonderful Weekend Book Review!

This week I am reviewing one of my FAVORITE books (for personal enjoyment and to teach). The book is Life As We Knew It by Susan Pfeffer. It is the first book in a great Trilogy (the fourth book is due out in August)

Overview: High school sophomore Miranda is just like any other high school student: studying, friends, and writing in her diary. But one evening in May everything changes, an asteroid hits the moon and brings the moon much closer to earth- disrupting everything. Amidst tsunamis, earthquakes and volcano eruptions- Miranda and her family must learn to survive in an increasingly dangerous world.

Review: This book is truly wonderful. It is a little slow in the first chapter- but it quickly turns into a page turner! This book's particular focus on the characters slow starvation really makes you thankful for every morsel of food you have- it may even turn you into a doomsday prepper! There are several themes in the novel that will be good to go over with students. I particularly like the opportunity for critical thinking that the book presents when Miranda and her family try to figure out how to get food. The other books in the series are also very good. I actually think the second book The Dead and Gone is better for adult reading. The survivor of this book lives in New York City and faces more sinister challenges in his bid for survival. In the third novel- This World We Live In Miranda and Alex the character from the second book meet up (which I found to be a clever twist). If you like this type of "end of the world" fiction I do suggest this entire series. I really enjoyed it and I have actually read the series more than once!

I have a novel guide for this novel on TPT if you read it and want to use it in your classroom. Your students will love it! Find the novel guide HERE.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April in the Making!

I am linking up with Mrs. Kelly's Klass for her April in the making linky!!!

1. April Favorite: My anniversary is April 11 so I guess that's my favorite part of the month :) April and May are my favorites. The weather warms up but isn't too bad and the earth wakes back up! Love it! Oh and we are in the home stretch for school!!!

2. April in the Classroom: Well, my classroom is different because I basically do what other teachers need from me. I team up with teachers and do basically what they need. (A lot of my products are born from this- I go home, make it, share it, tweak it, sell it).  I do have a regular group of fourth graders and a regular group of first graders I see weekly for RTI. In first we are working on writing answers to questions. This is hard for these little babies. In 4th we do reading skills. I've been doing the reading quads with them a lot! It is a freebie on his site!

Find it HERE

3. Must Have: I always have to have some new clothes for the spring! I think spring/summer clothes are not as durable so they wear out quickly (this is what I tell myself anyway!)

4. April make it: I need some "new food" in my rotation for dinner. I picked this for the next try:

I am still on the super diet- lost 17 pounds! I think this looks healthy enough?!

5. April goal: I'd like to get more followers on this blog. I think 60 is a good start!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Let's Get Acquainted

It is time to link up with Flying into First  let's get acquainted!

This week is super fun- It is a favorites survey!!!

Favorite Place to Shop


Love this place (and I even worked here for 6 years!)

Favorite TV Show
Season finale was last night- oh so good :)
Favorite Sweet Treat
I'm not a big sweets person but I do love me some carrot cake!
Favorite Food
If I had a million dollars- I'd hire a sushi chief to come fix me dinner every night :) Love the sushi!
Favorite Restaurant
Sushi 101 is in Charlotte. When I lived there my sister and I went there like every week. I miss it.
Thanks for stopping by!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

April Currently

It is that time again! April! Geez! Time flies! It is time to link up with ohboy3rdgrade's currently linky par-tay.

Listening: The Voice has sucked me in this season. I watched the first and that was it but the new blood has sucked me in :)

Loving: HEY YA I am on SPRING BREAK. It is shortened however due to the incredible amount of snow days this year. We have to go back Thursday and Friday. The IRONIC thing is that it is supposed to snow on Thursday. GEEZ

Thinking: I had big plans for spring break but since it is cut short I'm not sure it is all going to get done.

Needing: I'm wore out so I need some relaxing which I plan on doing tomorrow. I do believe I'm going to stay in my PJ's. Hopefully no one knocks on my door :)

Advice: Well, the best advice for life, love, work, and blogging is to not sweat the "small stuff". I try not to make things a big deal. Good way to manage stress.

Thanks for stopping by! I plan on posting a new reading strategy sometime before I go back to school so check back!