Thursday, August 8, 2013

August Currently

Well, better a week late than never :)


Listening- Oh the Big Bang Theory. I LOVE it- just started watching it a year ago so there are still lots of reruns I haven't seen like the one on now! YAY

Loving- We are buying our first house! So excited!

Thinking- I get to move into my NEW second grade classroom next Thursday. I've never taught primary before so I'm real excited.

Wanting- So we moved this summer and since we can't close on the house until I get PAID at the end of August we have been living in the Extended Stay since the first of July. I may never stay in a hotel again after this! I'm ready to go go.

Needing- Moving and setting up a new classroom is a lot of work. I wish it could just happen by magic :)

Back to school- I always buy myself a first day of school outfit. I helps make me excited to start up a new school year. I use the laminator like a maniac in the beginning of school. Finally, the relaxing glass of red. Good for stress and your heart!

Thanks Oh Boy 4th grade for the currently!

Job change (again)

Well all things change :) I am now going to be teaching second grade! I'm so excited! I think 2nd is such a sweet age for kids. Hopefully I like the grade since I've never taught it before! Eek!

Anyone have any tips or good bloggers to help me on my journey to primary this year?