Saturday, January 5, 2013

Think-Pair-Share Strategy


Purpose: to provide students with the opportunity to talk about what they read as they read it
Materials: fiction, nonfiction, and expository text
1. Students find or are given partners.
2. The teacher identifies stopping points for discussion and shares these with students.
3. Students read to the first stopping point and then pause to think about the reading. Students are instructed to ask a question while reading and write the question down.
4. The pairs will then talk with one another using their questions/notes and discuss the reading.
5. The large group shares, focusing on interesting issues that arose during the paired discussions.
Length will depend on students need and interest.
6. This completes the first Think-Pair-Share cycle. Students can read the next portion of the story and
begin the cycle again. This can be used with paired reading or guided reading.

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