Saturday, January 5, 2013

Effective Reading Instruction

The Six "T's" of Reading Instruction

Based on 10 years of research conducted by Dr. R. Allington.

Time: Spend at least half the class actually reading and or writing.

Text: Using multilevel authentic texts in which students can successfully read independently and with accuracy and comprehension. (Differentiation)

Teach: Use explicit, active and direct teaching of "What good readers do" (visualize, infer, predict, connect). This includes think aloud and modeling of effective reading strategies.

Talk:  Classroom discussions where students and teachers hold conversation about literature. This effective talk uses more open ended discussion questions, instead of closed one answer questions.

Task: Read whole books, complete individual and small group research projects, and working on talks that intergrate several content areas (reading, writing, science, social studies). Project based vs. worksheet based tasks are most effective.

Test: Rubric based assessment, based on effort and growth.

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