Sunday, May 12, 2013

Terrific Technology!

I went to a SUPER technology workshop a few weeks ago, and I wanted to share a few of the super websites that we talked about during the workshop! I am also starting my ITF add on NEXT WEEK so I'm sure I will have lots of techy posts in my future!

ALL OF THESE ARE 100% FREE!!!!!!!!!!! is a free website that allows the user to record 30 second audio clips.  The audio recording is then uploaded to a personalized website and available to anyone who has the link.  The developers created the site for users to  “Push. Speak. Share.” and the simplicity is genius. Use to create student reflections, share book talks, summaries, fluency practice and differentiate with audio instructions. 

Flocabulary is a GREAT website with tons of educational videos (it is not only for vocabulary). These educational videos are hip hop themed and kids love them. There are many free videos and you can even sign up for a free trial! You will find something you love. is a great website for the younger kiddos. This one has tons of games and videos for kids. It has subjects like the plant life cycle, counting, addition and subtraction, and much more! It even has free printables and lesson plans!

Comicmaster is an AWESOME website where students can make their own graphic novel. Graphics are very cool and free!
Learning games for Kids is a great website with free games to re-enforce math, science, social studies, and reading skills. Can't go wrong with free games!
Story Nory

This website has tons of free audio recordings of books! Great for a listening center!

Read Works
ReadWorks is a free (but you have sign up) resource for teachers. It has lots of lesson plans and reading passages.

I hope you find these useful! Please leave your favorite educational website in the comments below! Thanks!

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